Thursday, December 1, 2011

will you be my...

With wedding planning in full swing, I am trying to keep everything as organized and drama-free as possible. My method for the past few months is to do a little something as often as possible so that I stay ahead of things and attempt to keep stress out of planning. I also want to keep things fun...otherwise, hello, what would be the point. We may as well elope and get it over with if the whole thing isn't fun.

Don't worry mom, not doing that.

Anyway, one of the big things we decided on in the beginning was our wedding party. We went back and forth on this quite a bit because we weren't exactly in agreement about the number of people. We both have a couple of siblings plus several amazingly close friends. We had to cut it off somewhere though otherwise we'd be left with everyone walking down the aisle and no one in the seats.

After figuring things out, I really wanted to ask everyone in a special way. Almost everyone lives in another city so asking in person was unlikely to ever happen and a phone call just seemed boring. I researched and while I found a couple of cute options, none struck a chord. Finally, I used my own idea and sent each of my girls this:

I sent them each a tank top package asking them to stand by my side. I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I wanted Sash to do something creative for his guys too, but the male species is a tad more difficult to impress...not many options that don't veer into the "lame" category. As a result, we were pretty happy when we found these cool cards online that we had personalized.

Fun and unique to let our friends and family know how excited we are to have them be part of our big day!

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  1. I LOVE this! Both of these are so thoughtful and clever - just like you guys!